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Several mature apple orchards on the property that are now great areas for the animals

The name,"Skinner Bog" is somewhat misleading, since very little of the 500+ acre farm consists of bog at all. Most of the acreage is wooded in varying degrees from very heavy to lightly wooded with some open meadows. The property was used as farmland through the 1800's first by the Skinner Family, hence the name "Skinner Bog Deer Farm & Hunt Park." Following the Skinner Family, the Palmer Family took over the homestead and farmed the land. The property has a brook through it that was used by both the Palmer & Skinner Families as a source of power for the Grist Mill. As farming became less profitable, the farmland naturally grew back to forest and the dams on the property were removed.

The HUNT PARK is 'high & dry' with a wide variety of hunting opportunities for both bow and rifle hunters. The forest ranges from heavily wooded to light woods opening up to fields and meadows creating outstanding opportunities for fair chase. Bow hunters will encounter opportunities to take shots from as close as 30 feet, while our rifle hunters will find challenging shots from over 300 yards away. We aim for every hunter to have not. only an exciting and successful hunt, but also a challenging hunt for any hunting skill levels